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Terms and Agreements

By clicking “I’m cool, bro”, you agree to the terms that you DO identify as a cool motherf***er , no matter what you have between your legs. You also agree that being “cool, bro” means that you’re accepting and respectful of everyone (Tout Le Monde) , of all walks of life, backgrounds, bank accounts , wtv. You understand “I’m cool bro” also means that you are wavy, you are a life-liver and a believer that it’s important to keep the kid inside if you alive forever and to spread nothing but love, baby. Being “cool,bro” means that you are not with the “f*ck-s**t”, however you are totally with the “sh*ts” should you ever be tried, you will stand up for what you believe is right. Furthermore, you agree that will be your favourite website even if it’s not, you’re gonna say it is from now on. That is all… carry on.